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Events: Photo & Feed

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Our first event this year - Feed and Photo was a big success. We had about 100 people come through the gates with apples and carrots to feed the horses. Our photographer, Terrence Tryon took so many pictures that he is still sorting through them in order to post the best photos so everyone can download and keep them. Thanks everyone for stopping by. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

So, on August 3rd we are having another event featuring the horses and we will be selling snow cones to help with our building fund for the barn we are working to get put up for the horses to stay in and be warm in the winter.

The event will be held at the rescue, 4806 Redman Avenue from 12 noon til 3:00 p.m. It will start after the Native Omaha Days Parade. We will have some carrots and apples to share with the horses or you may bring your own. While you're there you can buy a delicious snow cone and the proceeds will go to the barn fund!

Our rescue is on a small acreage (2 acres) but we welcome small groups for tours or you could have a small get together for a few friends. Call 402-657-9247 for reservations.

Also, if you want a way to donate without spending all your money, here are two ways to give without spending:

AmazonSmile, when you make a purchase, sign up to have a percentage of what you paid to be donated to Urban Acres Horse Rescue. Amazon makes the donation and you don't spend anything extra.

TAGG (Together a Greater Good), several Omaha businesses will donate a small part of your purchase when you load the TAGG app and designate a donation to go to us when you spend money with those businesses.

WE HOPE TO SEE YOU August 3rd from 12 til 3!


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