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In ten days we will have our biggest fundraising day of the year. It's an online campaign sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation called Omaha Gives. It starts at midnight May 20th and runs for 24 hours. There are a lot of fun events and contests on this site during that period.

Omaha Gives is where we get most of our donations for winter feed, hay and repairs. It's become complicated due to the Covid - 19 epidemic. People don't have as much to give. To make things worse, strong winds blew through and damaged two barn roofs. We've applied for Disaster Relief but haven't found one that helps non-profits like ours. Once the quarantine is eased, we will go back to having events at the rescue. This will help with donations but we have also been hoping to replace our ancient barn with a safe new metal barn. Our goal is to raise $40,000. There are many large well-known non-profits in Omaha making it difficult to raise money when we are competing with large entities like Henry Doorly Zoo, Nebraska Humane Society, Project Harmony, Boys Town, and Children's Hospital to name a few. They are all very important to Omaha, we wish them all the best and our hope is to soon be as successful as they are.

Visit our Facebook page and see all the visitors and volunteers that have come to visit and help. We are growing in numbers and seeing more families bringing their kids to meet the horses, interact and learn about them. It is our passion to share this experience with as many adults and children as possible. There a lot of people that stop by that have never touched a horse or been close to one. Horses have such healing qualities and have a calming effect on people of all ages and afflictions. We open our gates to everyone and do not charge admission and operate completely on donations. The majority of our visitors have special needs or are underserved.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Please help us keep our doors open and our horses healthy, well fed and safe. If you'd like to be a continuous donor, please call or e-mail us. We are also looking for companies that would like to sponsor or partner with us. If that's you, please contact us.

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