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 A horse's digestive system is designed to work around the clock. Round bales of hay are healthy for the horses, allow around the clock access and are more economical than square bales of hay. 

In addition, the horses need a source of protein. This is provided daily with pelleted feed.


A donation of $60 will provide a horse a month's worth of hay and


Diane D. - Giving Tuesday

Bunny H. - Giving Tuesday

Deborah O. - Giving Tuesday

Michael & Elaine Royce

Robert E. Hess

June Blair



Post Frame Building

Help Rescue the Rescue! Our current barn has braced the elements for over 100 years. It was remodeled for the horses 20 years ago, but unfortunately is too crowded and not safe.


Our horses have access to three sided shelter to protect them from the elements, but as it gets colder we would like to provide them with stalls and a warm barn.


Total Cost: $30,000

Help Urban Acres to secure a better shelter to help keep the horses warm during the winter. 


Hay storage


The quality of food is as good as the quality of its shelter. Exposure to the elements unfortunately declines the nutrition that round hay bale provides. We are looking to purchase a quonset to store the hay and prolong the nutrition that it provides.


Total Cost: $10,000

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